Small Project: Home Gym

I enjoy a change of pace now and then. Recently I was asked to build an addition to a house that included a customized home gym. I loved that they planned to fill it with boxing equipment for their daily fitness workouts as I, myself, like a go-round with a boxing bag when I can. I admire people who are committed to health. It usually is a trait of those who can call themselves “green.” Somehow these interests go together as values. It is all about living well–taking care of yourself, recycling, using non-toxic products, and promoting sustainability to save our dwindling, precious resources. If health concerns are the egotistical side of the coin, then so be it. It is no sin to dwell on yourself and your longevity.

Because of my interest in boxing, the client asked me to select the boxing bag. I was more than willing and knew right out of the box (pun intended) that you can’t go wrong with Everlast. You can buy the kit online for a 70-pound, heavy bag that also comes with gloves and hand wraps. The bag has a custom filling that consists of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand. I bet few of you knew that! The gloves and wraps protect your hands against possible abrasion from the bag. Someone was thinking ahead. It also, by the way, comes with an adjustable height customization chain and a bungee cord that adds greater resistance to the bag. So, you can see, you don’t just select any brand. There is a lot more to it.

When the project was done and the gym was ready for use, complete with the best boxing bag around, I was asked to come and try it out. I suppose the client wanted to verify the room’s functionality, something that I had, of course, guaranteed. Were they putting me on the spot; I don’t think so. They were not mean spirited. I think it had to do with thanking me for a job well done. I was happy to oblige. We set a date and I appeared in gym attire ready to test the bag for all I was worth. I had a great time, and no they didn’t observe which made me feel more comfortable. I adore these kinds of considerate clients and interesting projects. They usually turn out well. It makes me think that I would love to have a home gym myself, if only I had room. Maybe I could put it in the basement or the garage, even a spare room never in use. I could then get my own Everlast and test its mettle. I would save so much time not traipsing back and forth to the gym. There is a lot to say about convenience and saving time. When you do, you seem to have more energy for other projects and interests.