Surprise at the Renovation Site

Sooner or later, you are going to have to deal with pests and roaches as disgusting as it may be. No one likes to see these nasty critters out and about. It means calling an exterminator who will come with a giant spray can full of toxic, potent chemicals. Beware your pets. They can be harmed. But this is the typical solution as most people simply don’t know what else to do. Pest control is not known to have environmentally-friendly solutions.

I just encountered a horde of these crawling black beasts at a renovation site. Now I had to think on my feet. My crew and I brainstormed responsible ways to kill the invading pests with ecology in mind. What did we do? Of course, we went online in search of new products for sale that could help. We also split up and each went to a nearby hardware or building supply store in search of something safe for humans. I knew that the application of orange oil worked for termites as an alternative to costly tenting. Surely there had to be something else besides roach traps and a bomb. I hated the thought that chemicals would permeate every inch of space and linger there to be breathed in by the workers—and me.

In my search online, we found this site and a product called Combat MAX. I love the name and would buy the product for that alone, and fortunately it was not like the others as I had feared. Not so also for Hot Shot, an equally catchy name. So, we did encounter some non-toxic products that were suitable for our needs. I vowed to bring to the renovation site no pesticides no matter how extensive the infestation. Given the need for new solutions to an old problem, many companies are working on safer products. It is easier now to find something acceptable. The innovations are based on plant ingredients and oils. I found recipes for make-it-yourself solutions if you can find the specific plants required. Given this difficulty, I say buy a ready-made mixture. You won’t have to mess up your kitchen sink or the utility one you may have in the garage. Plus, you must have sharp knives to cut up and process these plants. The oils come in vials so there is no issue about storage there.

The moral of this blog is that you can be environmentally attentive even in an area that has not been known to have this designation. The world is changing and we have a green approach to every aspect of our practical lives. Every time something new happens, you must automatically think, “how can I solve this problem in the most ecological way.” If sustainability is ever at issue, by all means you must be oriented to promote it to save our dwindling resources. Spreading the word is a great way to get others on board. Join me in making a concerted effort every day of your life.