Ways to Cut Your Power Dependency

I wanted to write a blog for fellow souls, those who value being green and supporting sustainability ideas. Let’s all rally around a good cause and save the planet. It is as simple as that. We don’t want to punish any businesses excessively, but we do want to stop chemical dumping practices. We want consumers to make smart choices in their products and to recycle when they can. We want, in short, more awareness and I depend on you to help me spread the word. Being green is being practical so it takes a certain kind of mind to be ecological in spirit. I value people who don’t turn their heads away from facts. I say, get real and face reality before it is too late. Now I am not one of those scare mongers so keep reading. I just want to remind people of their responsibility as citizens and to do their best to comply with what we already know about saving resources. We want to repurpose wood and metal in the construction industry and to avoid taxing the planet to give us more and more supplies.

Meanwhile I am here to provide a few handy tips that are easy for everyone to do like unplugging your phone charger when you are not using it and the job is done. I also advise using power strips and turning off lights when you are not at home. I am all about cutting power dependency today. Just look at your utility bills and you will know what kind of user you are. If you are average, then so be it. If you rank in the over-usage range according to the data, it is time to listen up. I don’t care if you can afford to be wasteful. Let’s just make an effort to conserve energy.

Here’s one idea you can adopt with little money and no effort: a fan. Yes, this simple old-fashioned device can help cut energy usage, especially in the summer when the air conditioning unit is operating at maximum level. If you want a more modern design, buying one of the best tower fan models on the market is a must. Even in winter, they circulate the air (remember, warm air needs to be moved from the heat source to be most effective) and keep you warm. No need for excessive heating from your central system.

So, I really love the idea of a fan and I recommend that you do as I did and put one or two in your home. Maybe it is not possible to get offices on board, but surely you can value the energy savings and great décor that a fan adds to your space. They come in virtually all sizes and colors. You can customize your rooms with painted or wood-stained options. Anything you like. But we all know that it is not about interior decoration. Installing a fan is the least you can do to get green and start changing your wasteful ways.